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Stripped back & fuss-free

Bridal campaign by Ghost Orchid boutique

stripped back & fuss-free inspiration photo

When we saw these campaign images Hull based bridal boutique, Ghost Orchid shot, we let out a squeal of excitement! We caught up with boutique owner, Katey on what her inspiration was behind the shoot and what each designer represents to her.

Ghost Orchid: "The aim of this editorial is to be a stripped back, fuss-free perspective on bridal that the women who come to us can relate to. Letting the dresses do the talking has always been my angle. We appeal to a modern bride who quite simply comes to us for an outfit that’s more fashion focussed and current. At Ghost Orchid we aren’t about the traditional cliches that can feel a little uncomfortable, therefore I wanted this editorial to be totally clear of fluffy ideals of what love is meant to look like and instead be an undone and powerful source of bridal fashion inspiration.

We wanted the feel of the shoot to hint towards themes of female strength and magic yet keeping it simple and free from platitudes was at the forefront of my mind. All we really needed was a smoking hot, commanding, goddess of a model, a bold fashion photographer, an insanely talented make-up artist and some killer outfits. Throw in a bit of atmospheric light for those glowy, moody hues and the vision easily came to life. 

What I loved about this shoot is we began in bright sunshine, perfect for our custom beaded Chosen by One Day “Muse” gown and as it progressed to the the shimmering bell sleeved Margo gown by Chantel Lauren, which has undeniable enchantress vibes, the sky opened and we experienced an immense electrical thunderstorm. It couldn’t have been more perfect and the atmosphere was amazing. I hope you can get a sense of this through the images". WE DO!

stripped back & fuss-free inspiration photo 1

Chantel Lauren “Margo” gown and A.B.Ellie “Harley” earrings

Chantel Lauren is our Utah based designer, with roots firmly in the the country music scene, this charming wife and husband duo create gowns that breath fresh air into the bohemian bridal scene. From minimal silk dresses with a twist to their famous signature hand-panted gowns, you can literally feel the love put into each and every piece. Plus...these guys are just delightful to follow on instagram. Arty, alternative and adorable are words that come to mind when I think Chantel Lauren.

stripped back & fuss-free inspiration photo 2

Chosen by One Day “Muse”

Chosen by One Day have become somewhat an iconic brand in the bridal fashion industry and have developed a true cult following. Designer Kyha knows how to expertly balance opulence with minimalism. A luxurious brand with an effortless, laid-back Aussie vibe. Think EXTRA, think iconic, think confident.

stripped back & fuss-free inspiration photo 3

Alexandra GreccoEdith” gown and A.B.Ellie “Willow Tassel” earrings

Alexandra uses only the finest silks that move like liquid and sculpt to flatter your body and the intricate 3D embroidery is incredible and really does need to be seen in person to truly appreciate how beautiful it really is.

stripped back & fuss-free inspiration photo 4

Alexandra Grecco “Lane” mini dress and “Lilith” jacket with A.B.Ellie “Harley” earrings

Alexandra Grecco is our New York label. When it comes to attention to detail, Alexandra Grecco is at the top of her game.

Alexandra Grecco definitely has fashion at heart, yet designs timeless pieces brides want to wear. Romantic, elegant and cool are words that come to mind when I think of an Alexandra Grecco bride.

Photographer: Rosie Woods @rosiewoodsphoto

Model: @elenaleon19

MUA: @rachelhelen1991 

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