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On the sofa with Dutch retailer, Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart Boutique owner, Annika and international photographer husband, Jeroen

on the sofa with dutch retailer, wild at heart  inspiration photo

Hollands coolest bridal boutique, Wild at Heart has massively been on our radar long before the launch and we are delighted for them to link to so many of our TDT designers including Alexandra Grecco, Bo & Luca, Bon Bride, Daughters of Simone, Karen Willis Holmes, Margaux Tardits and Prea James

We had the lucky chance to meet Annika and her international photographer husband in London whilst they were there shooting for Bon Bride.

Not only do the two of them have two amazing enterprises within the bridal industry but the childhood sweethearts (that met at surf camp aged 16…how cool?!) are possibly the sweetest, most personable and coolest couple around! 

I wanted to find out more (OK everything…) about this pair! 

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How did Wild at Heart get started?

I started wild at heart 3.5 years ago, we got married 5 years ago and at the time there were only traditional designers which were a bit stuffy and I couldn’t find anything I liked. The closest things I liked were in Paris or London which is actually where a couple of my friends went which I thought was crazy that we had to leave the Netherlands to find a gown, and that’s when I started Wild at Heart! I wanted to start something where brides could find something for their own personal style, where brides didn’t have to look like a princess but actually look like yourself.

What can brides expect when coming to Wild at Heart?

We really value personal service, all my colleagues know very well the designers and the dresses so we can really listen to what you want and help you find the right dress. We of course let you pick your own dresses because you know your own style but we are there to help every step of the way. 

What is your favourite thing about what you do?

Well there are many things! But I really love running a business as it gives you a really wide variety of things to do. I help a lot of brides myself and I love that customer contact. I get to work with amazing designers and fabrics and I love the chance to market the business. 

You have an amazing selection of designers – What is your curation process?

We have a great variety of brands from bohemian to minimal to the more romantic which really caters for most brides. When looking at a new designer I really want to see how the gowns are made and the quality of the fabric; I also want to have a connection with the designer themselves and feel like it’s a strong brand; it really helps the way you work together.

What is the key advice you would give to a bride looking for a dress?

I would say the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and don’t get caught up in the madness. You should look at yourself and not only say WOW but also feel comfortable. Ideally you should start looking for your dress 7 – 9 months before the wedding. 

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You do wedding photography and styled wedding shoots - what’s more fun? 

During bridal editorials, you can be a bit more creative however at weddings you can also create something that is unique as you’re never going to have that same couple at the same venue again – that’s really special. 

From a male perspective, you see countless women in wedding dresses either real brides or for shoots - is a white dress just a white dress? 

No! Not anymore. Before I started wedding photography, for me a wedding dress was a white ballgown. Now, through Annika I see a wide variety of gowns which are more fashion focused and they just happen to be white.  

When choosing a wedding photographer what should couples consider?

You have to check a photographers work and see if you like their style. You can have light and romantic or dark and moody style.

I consider myself to be a bit in between in the sense that my style is romantic, elegant, pure and has a raw touch; not too moody and not too romantic. You have to have a good connection with the photographer, I try and schedule a meeting with all my couples in advance so then I can gauge if the couple have a real connection with me.

What has been the most memorable shoot you’ve done?

I just got back from Cambodia, that was incredible! I had an amazing connection recently with a couple – They were so in love, they cried out of real true emotion and that raw emotion was so beautiful to capture. 

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The childhood sweethearts met at surf camp when Annika was 16 and Jeroen 18, a few years later they married at a low-key but beautiful ceremony in Holland where Annika cut confetti out of French novels! The couple want to renew their vows as a testimony to their growth as a couple and we CANNOT wait to see what the gorgeous Annika will choose to wear.

Photos captured by Alli Woods & Jeroen Noordzij

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Annika and Jeroen's advice to all couples out there...Let your other half have their independence and make sure you push, elevate and test each other. We could not agree more!

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