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Your first bridal dress consultation

All your questions answered!

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He popped the question, now is not the time to be finding the answer to other questions!! We put together some answers to the most commonly asked queries around finding THE ONE!

Finding 'The One'

When should I start looking for my dress? 

It’s never too early to start! The standard turnaround time for a wedding dress to be made is a minimum of 6 months but some designers/boutiques advise even more so check this in advance of your first consultation. Most flagships and boutiques can do a ‘rush order’ if you have a shorter turnaround time but this can be costly so be expected to pay up to 25% more of the total price. If you’re in a hurry, you could buy an off the rack piece but do make sure you check for flaws since these will be sample stock which may have some fabric flaws.

What happens during my bridal consultation? 

It’s great to have an idea of the style you like/don’t like but try and be open minded, you might be surprised!  TDT has thousands of amazing dresses to browse and you can filter them down and save them to your favourites. At your appointment you have a stylist helping you make a selection of dresses, you can try on as many as realistic in your appointment. There will be someone helping you in and out of the dresses so they are handled carefully, and you will be offered styling advice and encouraged to try dresses on your might not have normally considered to ensure you are making the right choice with your dress.

What sizes of dress can I try on?

Most boutiques have samples of UK 10 -12 or EU 38 – 40 which they can normally modify to make the gown fit so you get an idea of how it will look but you can always ask the boutique in advance just to be sure if you’re concerned. Some styles of gown are only ‘Available in Curve’ so check this filter on the FIND MY DRESS page to check stockists.

What underwear should I wear for the appointment? 

Nude underwear is ideal for the styling session, and strapless or low back bras if you are thinking of that cut of dress. If you think you want a backless dress then it’s a good idea to make sure you can support yourself with stick on cups or low back bodies, maybe try them for the day when you’re at appointments, you can then see if they would be comfortable and work for you on your wedding day. 

Can I take photos during the initial consultation?

A lot of boutiques do not allow photos to be taken because they feel it may swerve your judgement following the appointment which definitely can be true. The no photo rule also prevents you taking the photos to get the dress copied which is understandable given the craftsmanship and expertise behind each gown.

Who should I take with me to the appointment?

A vital part of your journey! Don’t be tempted to invite your entourage as ‘too many cooks…’. The more people who are present the more (usually varied and sometimes controversial) opinions you’ll receive which ultimately may not lead you to make a heartfelt choice! One or maybe two people works really well. If you’re a person naturally inclined to ask for other people’s views on clothes remember that it is about how you think you look and how you feel in the dress.

What happens if I change my mind after I have ordered my dress?

OK, don’t panic! This can happen. Try and remember that this will be the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time trying on the dress and you made this decision for a reason. The look will always transform with makeup and accessories. 

How many fittings will I need?

For an off the peg dress you will have around 2-3 fittings, your first fitting will be a full hour and the final fitting usually takes 30 mins. 

How do I choose the best shape for my body?

Experienced sales staff will know instinctively what styles will work best for you, so take their advice to get the ball rolling. Very often, a bride-to-be has a fixed idea about her dream dress and it is only when she starts looking at different styles and then trying them that she discovers ‘the one’. Often this is entirely different to the original idea that she had, so it’s best to keep an open mind.

Planning on changing body shape before the wedding?

If you know you're going to be losing weight or bulking up, this will obviously will impact the alterations that need to be done to the dress. If you’re planning on a drastic weight loss or really pumping a lot of iron at the gym, designers and retailers will advise on taking your measurements as late as possible.

Looking to get a bespoke dress made?

You can save all your favourite styles to your TDT favourites board so you can share these gowns with the designer you choose. Bespoke comes with a price so be prepared to pay considerably more for this.

I have a tight budget – will I still be able to get an amazing gown?

There are wedding dresses out there to suit all budgets, if you have your heart set on a specific gown or designer, many boutiques sell amazing sample stock you could get your mitts on. Check out the ‘SAMPLE SALE’ filter on the FIND MY DRESS PAGE to see which gowns retailers have listed are on sale.


-       If you’ve got your heart set on a certain designer, try and head to the flagship store since they take measurements of your entire body rather than just a limited number of specific points

-       Make sure you ask how much alterations cost, these can be included, charged on an hourly basis or based on a fixed fee

-       Don’t wear lipstick or heavy make up to the appointment, lippy on dresses will not go down well!

-       Bring a pair of shoes of the height you’d like to wear

-       Outfits can be transformed with accessories so check with the boutique if they have any available or alternatively bring your Granny’s something old to wear!

Ultimately, you are the boss and only you know how the gown feels. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable and do you envisage walking down the aisle and partying the night away in this dress!

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