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"Quick question. How on earth do you go from football to weddings?"

Our founders Becks and Damaris caught up with Rianna Elizabeth and Rebecca Brennan-Brown on their latest episode of The Wedding People podcast - our favourite source of insider tips on planning a wedding. The wedding planners and self confessed bridal obsessed aficionados, have a wealth of industry insider knowledge and special guests - they created this wedding podcast to discuss anything and everything from 'Things you should steal from a celebrity wedding' to 'The dreaded guest list'. Tune in to hear all about inclusive bridal sample sizes, wedding dress gossip and how on earth the TDT founders jumped from the football world to wedding gowns. Since we cannot get enough of these affable ladies, we turned the tables on the duo and wanted to find out about their wedding planning journey, and how obsessed is obsessed when it comes to bridal?

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Tell us - who is behind The Wedding People?

"Rianna Elizabeth & Rebecca Brennan-Brown, we decided to create the podcast as we literally eat, sleep and breathe weddings. We wanted to build a community, where we can share our insider knowledge and experiences, and help couples plan their own weddings. 

The Wedding People offer an array of services can you tell us a little bit about them?

"Not only is the podcast building a great community, we recently opened an Etsy Shop featuring downloadable templates to help those at the start of the planning process. We also offer our wedding planning services which effectively gives you if you like what we have to say, we can help you to put it in practice too."

Rianna and Rebecca also tell us that they have upcoming workshops covering each element to planning your wedding and share all their juicy secrets, as well as a helpline where brides can call for tips and consultations. The most asked questions? Maximising and tracking the budget.

"We suggest ways on how to keep their costs down, whilst also ensuring they utilise and allocate their budget in the right places. For example, we would suggest creating digital invitations or removing weddings favours, and allocate more money towards your photographer. It’s a really unique process though, as everyone has different priorities for their wedding day. For example, Rianna loves stationery but Rebecca would rather a wicked band!"

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When we asked the duo about their favourite things about organising weddings, Rianna said to take an idea, a concept and then turn it into something that people can see, experience and remember always. Rebecca, on the other hand, loves the happy drunk faces saying thank you at about 9pm - the joy of knowing that you can help people create a day they will cherish forever is hard to put into words. We can imagine!

What does wedding design mean to you? 

"Wedding design should echo your personalities, both as individuals, and of course as a couple. To create a design that showcases each couple, ensures that is unique to you. That means whatever you want it to mean. Don’t ever design a wedding because that’s what you think a wedding is supposed to look like. If you want to have pink disco balls, you go, sis."

What are the ingredients for throwing a great wedding?

"Atmosphere is key. Making people feel relaxed and settled is a great place to start. Fortunately, that’s easy to do with a bit of music and a glass of something tasty. Making sure you have someone to hide any stress from your guests is paramount to everyone enjoying themselves. People can sense stress in the air! Team that with some tasty food, a beautiful environment and a good band, and you’re off."

Where do you start a wedding planning journey with a couple? 

"We have a consultation over a coffee or glass of wine. It might feel a bit like we’re bombarding you with questions, because we’re trying to work out who you are, what’s important to you, and importantly, also what you don’t like. That then becomes a design proposal and suggested plan, and then we get on with the planning!"

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How did you decide to work together?

Rebecca: "Funny story, I was once Rianna’s client, then decided her job was more fun than mine so I changed jobs knowing we would have so much fun designing events together. Rianna (rudely) left that business, but we wanted to carry on working together, so The Wedding People was born."

Is it ever hard working as partners?

"Sometimes, when we have a difference of opinion, but to be honest that’s quite rare. We both have a mutual respect for each other, and understand we’re in this together. Occasionally that means one of us going along with something the other isn’t quite sure on, but trusting that it’ll be fine. Which it always is, btw."

What can brides expect for you as their wedding planners? 

"We are incredibly honest and we absolutely pride ourselves on our realtionships with our couples. This is one of the most important day of your life, and we very much appreciate the trust that our couples must have in us. Equally, it has to be fun! This has to be a fun and exciting, otherwise, what’s the point!"

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The wedding industry is an ever growing and changing industry how has it changed since you both started?

"The industry itself is so densely overpopulated, sometimes it feels like there’s at least five people doing everything. But at the same time, as an industry we’re still horrendous at representing diversity. Because the legalisation of same sex marriages was later than heterosexual couples, we’re a bit behind on representing LGBTQ+ couples as well as we should, but we’re getting there. The work is not over yet though, the wedding industry still needs significant work to make sure that BAEM couples feel seen, represented and valued, just as much as the white skinny models all the magazines love to use."

How have weddings changed over the years?

"There’s definitely been a shift in what’s “acceptable”. Many more people are opting to ditch the traditional stuff, and go for what makes them excited (which we absolutely love)."

What does 2021 look like? 

"For us, we are of course still unsure at this time what the future of weddings and events look like. However, we are hopefull and our diaries are open. We have also moved many of our weddings and events from 2020 to 2021. We hope to finally host our workshops and create new and engaging ways for our community to build. Basically, prepare to see our names more!"

Thank you ladies - we are definitely ready to start planning our imaginary weddings now! Don't forget to head to The Wedding People Podcast and check out season 2, episode 4 featuring The Dress Tribe, available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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