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Whether you are a bride to be, best friend helping out a groom-to-be, or the groom-to-be himself, you have made it to this page looking for inspiration on finding the one….THE ring.

The traditional four C’s to look out for when engagement ring browsing for diamonds are carat, cut, colour and clarity but, it’s also important to discover a ring that speaks to you. The choice of ring needs to represent you and your partner as a couple and the power of the woman who will be wearing it. This could mean choosing another stone, shape or even how it is combined with a non-traditional wedding band.

We have rounded up some of the most mesmerising, off the radar & unique rings to give you some inspiration.

Your guide to finding the one

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London based jewellery boutique specialising in bespoke design, remodelling and sourcing antique pieces.

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Handmade, these designs feature some of the most mesmerising gemstones. These limited edition pieces are true artisanal items. 

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This brand uses recycled gold and gemstomes to create fine jewelry, and if that wasn’t enough, for every purchase, the brand arranges a tree to be planted through Plant-It 2020.

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Based in London each design starts with a private design consultation to ensure the team at Lulu Kachoo clearly understand what each customer wants to fit their vision, inspirations and budget. 

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Craftsmanship is key at Alimunn. Merging traditional practises with modern techniques, results in rings of the highest standard.  

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These vintage engagement rings can be worn 100% guilt free. The brand specialises in ethically sourced, eco-friendly designs. 

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Twin sisters Eva Bai and Ava Bai work with a uniquely rare mix of gemstones from diamond slices, grey diamonds and a wide range of cuts. 

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From creating bespoke pieces, restoring an existing piece or working on their own collections in San Francisco Trabert Goldsmiths are known for creating ultra-timeless pieces. 

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Featuring up and coming designers these bespoke designs are designed to stand the test of time and turn into family heirlooms. 

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Antique diamonds are the centre of these rings. The team behind Single Stone are dedicated to creating engagement rings and wedding bands that remain true to their provenance and history.  

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Using only carefully sources materials, Bobini Roots in the Netherlands creates one of a kind and limited edition pieces. 

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LA based, this brand sources diamonds inspired by the beauty of the ocean and power of the moon. 

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