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The 5 Best Facials To Get Before Your Wedding

Get Your Skin - Wedding Ready

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Ladies - a facial has quick become a ritual within skin care, not only for its potential to address a wide range of skin concerns, but also as a way to enjoy some 'me-time'. From facial acupuncture, aromatic facial massages and technologically-led treatments, facials have the ability to lower stress levels and give your mental health that attention and care it deserves - especially pre-weddings.

Now, please do note, if it is specific skin issues you are looking to treat, a one-off facial does not act like a magic wand and will not do the trick in the long-run. It can most certainly improve your skin and give you an instant glow-up, however, to truly make a difference we recommend booking in a series of treatments with your chosen practitioner.

Read on for our guide on the best in the game and whilst salons may be closed at the moment, we suggest you get booking now as these places will book out real, real quick and the line to get pampered once they re-open, will undoubtedly be long.

Getting the glow

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Best for a bespoke treatment 

Shane Cooper is known as the man responsible for the complexions of London most glamorous ladies such as Maya Jama and Lily Allen and, based on just one treatment with him, we can see what all the fuss is about.

It’s rare that a facial will deliver long-term results but his truly did. Upon entering his gorgeous South Kensington clinic, Shane assured me that his techniques and gadgets will help calm my acne outbreak whilst also attending to my thirst deprived skin.

Bespoke treatment plans are created for each patient dependant on their skin needs, be it serious skin lifting, acne marking, pigmentation or an overall skin refresh. We were lucky enough to try out Cooper’s infamous 90 minute Exclusive Face Treatment. Following a deep cleanse, radio-frequency, micro-currency, light therapy and his amazing Cryo Coollifting Gun were used. After the treatment my skin was left feeling cool and worked on. It was after a good night’s sleep that the results truly began to take effect and oh my! I was thrilled to see my pimples much less inflamed, all after just one treatment.

The joy doesn't just stop there, thankfully for all of us, Shane has developed his very own skincare product line, so whilst you eagerly await your appointment with the skincare God, you can treat and prep your skin at home. You can thank us later!

For more information and to buy his products visit

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Best for integration with your skincare regime

If you are looking for a facialist that makes you feel like you're having a chat with your bessie , whilst getting A-class professional advice on your at home skin care regime, then Katharine, Founder KMP Skin is your lady!

Katharine’s insane facial massage is reason enough to book an appointment but that in conjunction with her Signature facial is what seals the deal. Alongside the massage it is the micro-current section of the treatment, administered through gloves featuring threads interwoven into them allowing for conduction of the current that really made this treatment make it on our list of London’s best facials. Katharine offers a no frills experience, that is here to pamper you skin and get those facial muscles working and relaxed. 

Katharine is one of those rare practitioners who checks the honesty box; she will discuss the realities of what your skin needs. It requires a series of treatments, quality skin care products and attention to your hormones and lifestyle to get secure those long term results everyone is after.

For a limited time in response to the pandemic, Katharine is also offering home visits.

For more information visit KMP Skin images credited to Stephanie Green Weddings.

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Best for a full pamper day – all under one roof

Whether you are looking for a solo pamper day, or needing some quality girl time with your tribe, then Urban Retreat in Kensington is perfect.

Spread across five floors, this luxe retreat features everything a pamper day should; a nail salon, hairdresser, treatment rooms and a café. You can also get yourself booked in for injectables, vitamin drips, non-surgical hair loss treatments, physio, osteopathy and even super chic and stylish piercings and tattoos.

We would advise contacting them before hand to discuss which are the best treatments to book yourself in for, especially if you plan on making a day out of it.

In terms of the facials, there is a wide range to choose from that address numerous skin needs. Don’t expect clinic level facials or results but do expect an experience of utter relaxation. Their service is truly a-class and you will feel like you have found the perfect oasis to escape the hustle and bustle of the city within this beautiful West London townhouse, a former aristocrats mansion.

Perfect for the pre-wedding preparations and the ultimate all in one wellness space to book for some well-deserved down time. We say head there in the morning, and make a real day of it!

For more information visit

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Best for a holistic approach 

We first read about Dr John Tsagaris, internationally renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the Harrods wellness clinic, when Penelope Cruz casually name-dropped his acupuncture treatments as one of her must do activities in London. So we set out to find out if this celebrity endorsed treatment is up to par for our Dress Tribe brides.  

The treatment session starts with an overall health assessment to investigate internal and external causes that may be affecting your skin issues whilst taking into consideration your overall health. This part felt very therapeutic as Dr John Tsagaris has a was of making you feel heard, cared for and ultimately – feel that you are taken seriously. For me, my blood pressure, circulation and hormones were and discussed.

Now, onto the needles. Around 90 needles were carefully placed and manipulated across my face, ears and feet focused on activating the skin’s bio-stimulation and re-energising mechanisms. LED light therapy was then used to target and calm my pimpled skin. 

So, does it actually deliver results. Oh yes. Mid-way through my session, the Dr placed a mirror in-front of my face, allowing me to compare the treated, and yet-to-be treated side of my side. The treated side was visibly plumper and more lifted. Shocked and impressed is an understatement of a reaction.

For more information visit

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Best for getting that glow

The Aquapure Hydra Facial does exactly what it says on the tin and is a great all rounder if you are looking to hydrate and create that youthful glow. For those unfamiliar, the HydraFacial is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that clears out your pores as well as hydrating your skin. The four-step treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, and hydrating the skin with serums that are infused into pores with the HydraPeel Tip, a pen-like device. The treatment is relatively low-cost and was offered by YOUNG LDN for £145.00 (€160) per treatment.

Young LDN is located in the Heart of Notting Hill at a fresh, funky and amazing smelling salon! The aestheticians are friendly, welcoming and seriously know their stuff. We were lucky enough to spend 60 minutes getting this treatment. Prior to the facial, I looked somewhat tired and a bit sallow but a half hour after the treatment began, I looked in the mirror to find fresh, dewy skin. It didn't solve all my skin problems: My pimples, though somewhat deflated, are still there. But my skin in general felt soft to the touch, appeared refreshed, like I'd just gone on holiday, and showed zero redness. The perfect facial to have as a pre-going out pick me up or if you don't want to head back to work looking permanently embarrassed.

For more information visit

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