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The Chemistry Collection

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Gorgeous, conscious and environmentally friendly Rolling in Roses is a beautiful sustainable Bridal wear brand based in York, England. Creating high-end designs, this brand is for Brides who want to walk to the beat of their own drum.

Rolling in Roses pieces are distinguished by their standard of workmanship and luxurious eco-friendly fabrics. All of their beautiful gowns are created by a small team of seamstresses in York, UK making this a British-based brand through and through. Each piece is made by one extremely talented seamstress who knows the brides name, wedding date and every other little detail making each and every dress just as special as you are.

The brand denotes that their name is taken from an early Patti Smith poem. Known as the 'Godmother of punk', she 'embodies our ethos of designing for the offbeat, sophisticated, fiercely independent bride. The dreamers, the poets, the music-makers, the lovers'.

The science of falling in love...Euphoria, adrenaline fuelled highs, dopamine lust

Their latest Chemistry collection is inspired by the science of the physical, psychological, and chemical effects of falling in love.... Need we say more!

The collection has been based upon marrying science and technology with romance and tradition and ancient techniques such as smocking, embroidery and beading.

Consciousness of their environmental impact is at the heart of everything Rolling in Roses does, and an insane amount of time is spent sourcing sustainable materials. Every glorious fabric in the new collection is certified as organic, sustainable, recycled, and ethical.

Hayley Claire Neil, the designer behind the brand tells us I love the idea of marrying modern science and technology with romance, tradition, and ancient techniques like smocking, beading, and embroidery. These artisanal skills are thousands of years old and found in every culture on earth, which serves as a reminder that people from all corners of the globe and every moment in time are one and the same; we all get that heady adrenaline hit when we fall head over heels in love. I adore that.

I’m interweaving these traditional techniques with the most forward-thinking innovative fabrics I could find; modern, sustainable, and earth friendly. Sustainability is pretty much an obsession for us here, and consciousness of our environmental impact is at the very heart of everything we do at Rolling In Roses; I spend an insane amount of time sourcing suitable materials. So, I’m genuinely bursting with pride to say that almost every glorious fabric in the new collection is certified as organic, sustainable, recycled, and ethical. I hope you love them as much as we do.

Fabrics-wise we’re talking ethically made sumptuous silks, organic bamboo charmeuse satin, buttery soft crêpe made entirely from recycled bottles, organic cotton embroideries, and recycled natural-fibre viscose which looks and feels just like silk. We are so goddamn thrilled about these fabrics we just want to shout about them to anyone that will listen!"

Designs in the new collection are named after the very heady effects of falling in love. Some of these names include The Addiction Dress, The Euphoria Blouse and The Obsession Dress....It's safe to say we are also obsessed!

Our faves from the collection include the wrap over 'Euphoria blouse' made from 100% silk satin. The piece would look utterly divine over a silk slip like The Adrenaline to convert the day look to night in one foul-swoop or with the brands Oxytocin skirt with oodles of drama. To discover the full Chemistry collection head to Rolling in Roses

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