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Nuria & Leona - Love captured by The Saums

Ritual Unions Muses

nuria & leona - love captured by the saums  inspiration photo

Every artist needs a muse (or muses in this case!) - We caught up with Karin Brettmeister, the designer behind Ritual Unions on this magnetic couple, Leona and Nuria that wore 2 of her gowns for this couples shoot and what beauty means to her.

I came across Leona's and Nuria's instagram and the photos of the two of them together had a very special aura. They looked so beautiful together and by "beautiful" I don't mean just the external appearance, it was their love that you could see, even on pictures. As a designer, when I see someone beautiful, all I wanna do is put them in my dresses. It is so important who to choose as a model. The model isn't just someone with the right measurements, their vibe must go along with your vision, the vision of the brand. I want to create fashion for a wide range of personalities. If I find someone interesting, I want to include that in my creation. It gives my designs another facet, something I wouldn't be able to achieve otherwise. Designers need muses like Nuria and Leona to make their vision to reality. They inspire me, they make my work truly come to life. My work would be nothing without them. 

When I designed the Shine 20/21 Collection, I envisioned it on powerful, natural, open-minded, inspiring, passionate, real women. In my opinion Leona and Nuria combine all those things without any effort. Like real muses do. You don't find that often.

Leona is wearing the Alysha Dress (collection Blow 2020) and Nuria is wearing the Sleek Pants & Sleek Jacket (Shine 20/21)

nuria & leona - love captured by the saums  inspiration photo 1

nuria & leona - love captured by the saums  inspiration photo 2

Photos: The Saums / Pia and Christian Saum /

Outfits: Ritual Unions /

Couple: @nuria.edwards and @leona.lindau

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