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Nothing rained on Hayley & Tom's Parade

A day filled with "lots of laughs and lots of tears" ...and a lot of rain

nothing rained on hayley & tom's parade inspiration photo

A giant tipi to shelter from the storm, a limbo under a broom stick to replace the first dance, the hashtag #TINFEST2020 due to the couples love of beer... we know you are going to want to read about Hayley who describes herself as an 'anti bride' and Tom's amazing day.

At TDT HQ, we love everything wedding but in particular we get such joy in reading all the details about couple's special days. When artist/designer, Hayley sent us her wedding to feature we could feel the laughter, romanticism, laid back vibe and fun, clear for all of us to see in the pics and we wanted to know all the deets...

Hayley, tell us how and when did you meet? 

Tom and I met when we were pubescent teenagers at the tender age of 17. We were both dating other people but became good friends in these early years and would continue to catch up whenever we were in the same city (as I moved away from our hometown of Perth when I was 21). In the fateful summer of 2016, I was back in Perth for Christmas (as I was living in NYC at the time). Tom and I ended up at the same New Years Eve beach rave and shared a kiss as the sun was rising. This fateful kiss made me pack my bags and move home from NYC (after 1 long year of long distance) and it was the best decision I ever made.

...and the engagement?

We had both been travelling together in the states for 1 month in September last year and Tom flew home a few days before me. His car was broken at the time and said he wouldn’t be able to pick me up from the airport so I asked if my dad could.  Little did I know my dad was also in on the plan and Tom was waiting for me at the international airport with a sign saying “Hayley will you marry me”. It was over the top, romantic and shocking as hell. I loved it.


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Think we can agree Hayley looked AMAZING and utterly unique in this Finn Skirt & bandeau from Australian brand Chosen by One day purchased at Through the White Door.

Hayley describes herself as an 'Anti bride' and said she freaked out every time she stepped in to a bridal store. She saw this dress online and it took 3 months to go and try it on. This was Hayley's way of doing bridal, 'No lace or beading, minimal vibe but classic and sexy'... We couldn't agree more! Hayley made her own veil and decided last minute to wear it.

Hayley's advice on The Dress, "Don’t ignore the first one that catches your eye!"

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Hayley said about her accessories, "My earrings were a gift from 3 of my girlfriends, they picked them out for me and I only saw them a few days before before the wedding and fell in love instantly. My wedding/ engagement ring was also very special as it was hand carried from the US to Australia by one of my friends and I only tried it on for the first time on the morning of the wedding! I’ve never worn a diamond in my life so thankfully Tom proposed with a giant fake diamond ring that his niece won at a game arcade, and then we chose our rings together in the months following the engagement. My ring is by Melissa Kaye Lola Ring” and it’s rose gold with neon yellow enamel and diamonds down one side. I love it and also how it symbolizes the beginning of our married life together'".

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Hayley and Tom planned #TINFEST2020 in just shy of 6 months, Hayley said it "was hectic but all our dreams came to life and our day went exactly as planned (except it rained all day!). We later realized that was the least of our problems as we just got in there before all the COVID-19 wedding restrictions were put in place".

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Hayley and Tom found an airbnb called “Incognito Escape”, an amazing house in Gracetown (3 hour drive south of Perth) with a huge lawn area overlooking the ocean. Hayley said, "it was the hardest part in the planning process as they "had to bring everything in ourselves (catering, equipment, staff) so that was quite hard to organize in a short space of time. 2 days before the wedding a huge storm was forecast so we had to add an additional giant tipi for shelter (as everything was meant to be outdoors) so that was a big last minute stress, but it worked out perfectly and just made the ceremony, speeches and dance floor a lot more intimate"

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Hayley on the Theme:

We had a small bridal party (2 people each) and one of Tom’s groomsmen was actually a groomswoman who wanted to wear a suit. I wanted a lot of colour (as we are both very colourful people) so we planned for Tom and I to wear white and the bridal party to each wear a solid bright colour (blue, red, pink, green). I did the flowers myself (except the bouquets) and used dried leaves that I sprayed in the same colours as the bridal parties outfits. 

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The wedding extravaganza was a 3 day fest of tins and love. Hayley said, "We booked in for 3 nights at Incognito Escape (where the bridal party stayed) and spent the day before the wedding setting up and taking in the view. We then hosted a small bbq that evening for close friends and family (especially overseas/ interstate guests so we got the chance to see them before the big day). The wedding was the following day and featured 5 of our friends DJ-ing into the wee hours of the morning. The day after we hosted a big recovery lunch at a local brewery close by and ended the day with a hot tub party back at Incognito! It was the perfect weekend spent with family and friends from all across the world before the new reality of COVID-19 kicked in".

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Hayley let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses, she said, "the only clause was that it had to be a solid colour (which was pretty difficult for my print obsessed bestie Em, but she got there in the end). Emma wore a Willow dress in emerald green and my sister Chelsea wore a Sheike dress in candy pink".

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The rain came...and they danced! Hayley said one of their most memorable moments was, "Dancing in the middle of the road in the rain with the bridal party with music blasting out of our car while we were trying to figure out where the hell we were going to take the photos. Then realizing that all 4 random umbrellas we picked up from the house before we left matched the colours that everyone was wearing exactly".

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"Instead of doing a first dance, we got all our guests to do the limbo under a broom stick as the official “opening of the dancefloor”. We only decided on this idea a few days before so it was fun to plan something silly after all the serious planning we had been doing"

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"Tom wore a white blazer, chinos and shirt from YD. (we spent all our money on my dress lol)"


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Hayley and Tom each had their own entrances (which we love!) and walked down the aisle to songs that personally represented them as individuals.

Tom and the groomsparty had “Linger” by the Cranberries and Hayley and the bridesmaids had “Here comes the sun” by the Beetles. After the ceremony they walked back down the aisle to “Who am I (What’s my name)?” by Snoop Dogg and did their signing inside the house with just the mums present as the witnesses. 

Hayley added, "We have a dog called George Michael who is very special to us and wasn’t able to be there on the day because of Incognito’s pet policy so we had many dedications to him through out the day. Our wedding invite actually read “George Michael the dog request your presence at the wedding of Hayley & Tom”, our celebrant did a special reading from George Michael the dog during the ceremony and then at one stage all our guests surprised us by reading a dog poem to us!"... PRETTY DARN COOL!

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FUN, LOVE, LAUGHTER, TEARS... Thank you for sharing your special day with us Hayley and Tom! If your wedding rocked and want it to be featured, please drop us an email at

Wedding dress:  Chosen by One Day Bridal

Grooms attire:

Make-up: Sam Enticknap at She Artistry 

Engagement ring: Melissa Kaye Lola ring

Ceremony & Reception location: Incognito Escape

Catering: Margaret River catering & Hire:

Furniture/ Tipi/ Equipment supplier:

Photographer: James Hartley:

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