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Margaux Tardits for Emma's English country wedding

We're not crying, you're crying!

We wont lie, we shed a little tear watching Emma get married to her prince! We watched this video full of love, laughter and merriment on repeat and we compel you to do the same! (Warning for those with seasonal affected disorder (SAD)...scenes of summer will be shown)

Emma chose the Evira gown from Parisien designer, Margaux Tardits found at The Mews Bridal and said she just knew it was THE ONE. The designer describes the gown as 'pure concentrate of sensuality and daring that will enchant the groom-to-be, if he is not already smitten'. Judging by the video, we think Emma's hubby, Tannah couldn't agree more. Emma said she remembers her husbands smile when he saw her in the dress for the first time...awwwww!


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