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How to find your bridal hairstylist and the questions you should ask

Celebrity hairstylist, Gustav Fouche spills all

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Most of us dream of our wedding day for years before it actually arrives. Before there's a ring or even the possibility of a wedding in lots of cases...

We envisage the venue, the speeches, the flowers, the dress and of course ourselves as a radiant vision walking down the aisle towards our beloved. But as we all know, becoming a 'radiant vision' takes a bit of effort.

So as a bride you'll be keen to find the right team to help bring to life the sparkling version of yourself you've been imagining. All eyes will be on you and whether that thought makes you anxious or excited, you'll just want to feel your absolute best. 

Integral to any bride's look is her hair and therefore the hairdresser chosen to create her style for the day. With trends, veils and the requirement for your hair to stay in place all day, there's a lot to consider. Gustav Fouche, a bridal hair stylist who has worked on over 800 weddings (YES 800!) and founded Notting Hill's, Gustav Fouche spills the beans on finding the right bridal hair stylist for YOU.

"Dont expect that during the first trial you will come away with the exact style you envisaged"

Gustav, what is the first step in finding a bridal stylist and what questions should you ask?

A lot of brides come to me pretty much all wanting the same thing, what you need to look at is what is the quality or finish of the style your hair stylist is producing. Once you know what the quality of work is, this should outweigh the kind of styles in which they can produce. If their quality of work is high, then they will be able to recreate pretty much any style.

Rather than asking specific questions, sit down in their chair and see what feeling you get. You will know if your hair dresser is right for you based on the confidence they give you, the words they use and what they say.

I have a set of questions I always ask my clients:

  1. Show me the dress
  2. What kind of feel is the wedding?
  3. What do you want to feel like?

Then we can start designing a look around you. Dont be scared to do more than one trial because just because the hair dresser doesn't nail your look the first time, doesn't mean that they cant evolve which is a natural step in the growing process.

How can you prepare for your first bridal trial?

Photos photos photos...bring loads of them! A lot of bridal hair stylists don't like brides to bring lots of photos but I love it and this is why.

One of my clients came to me many years ago saying that she wanted texture, however we realised that both of our ideas of texture was completely different! There are so many different types of curly for example so photos definitely help both parties to make sure you are on the same page before you begin.

What can a bride expect during the first trial?

You should get the 'I want this trial to be perfect the first time' notion out of your head and remain open, this is the best methodology to start with. I have worked on styles for the bride the first time which they have wanted and realised at the end that the style makes them look older which obviously is not the look brides are going for! Having your hair done should be fun and not stressful, I see so many brides getting stressed out, it's meant to be fun so just go with the flow! Its important to mention that even if you don't find your perfect hair after the first trial, you should still be able to envisage and feel how it should be.

How can you care for hair in the run up to the wedding? What TO DO and what NOT TO DO

I think you need around 6 months worth of hair care in the run up to the wedding to make sure your hair is in good condition. I work out a plan for all my brides in the run up to the wedding and part of that deal is that no one else touches your hair in the run up to the wedding! I've had some disasters.... The products you use are key, you should ask your stylists as to the best ones. I am very bossy and my brides know they have to listen to me...but then they also know they will look amazing on their day!

What do you think about hair extensions?

LOVE THEM! Every bride should have them!

How far in advance should you book your stylist?

Book in your stylist as soon as you can but dont do the trial until 6 weeks before the wedding, its important so that the style is fresh in your stylists mind. I always do another trial the week before the wedding so have a play.

Trends? For undecided brides, how should they find their ideal hairstyle?

I dont believe in trends, you should have something that is personalised to you. If you want something that is a bit more modern, try and make sure that the style isn't going to age you - these normally are the very stiff, rigid styles without any movement. A lot of brides these days are opting for the 'hair down' look which given it's so natural, also means its quite unreliable so try and ensure you have your stylist or someone on hand all day.

Thanks for your top tips Gustav! To visit Gustav or to enquire about his availability for impending wedding season/s head to

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