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From architect to bridalwear designer

We spoke to the designers behind Sophie et Voila

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Founded in 2016 by Sofía Arribas, Sophie Et Voilà is a Spanish bridal and evening wear designer. With a background in architecture, Sofia always had a keen eye for design - the brands classic silhouettes are designed for contemporary women and feature geometric cuts mixed with ethereal elegance. Every look is sewn by hand in her Madrid and Bilbao-based ateliers. Sofia used her creative flair and spare time to create hats and fascinators, the story began here with clients telling the budding designer they couldn't find dresses to match the structure designs of these accessories.

All the brands pieces exhibit a modern fashion forward appeal, perfect for the bride opting for a refined editorial inspired wedding - The modus operandi for the creation of this incredible brand.

Behind the Brand

Sofía Arribas and Saioa Goitia, the designers behind the brand were inspired by their growth as women and the power of feminity. What can you find in their collection? Sleek slip dresses, geometric gowns, detachable bows, ruffles, sleeves, dramatic capes...what are you waiting for, check out their collections here!

Sofia, tell us what kind of bride is a Sophie et Voila bride?

A Sophie et voilà’s bride is a woman that loves fashion, art, culture… she has a strong character and she does not believe in fairy tales. 

Would you say that there is a Sophie et Voila signature that features in many of your designs?

Many of our clients write to us asking “ Is that dress is yours? I know it’s yours!” I think this is one of the things we have made really well. Being loyal to our own style. We know we are different and we are proud.

When speaking to a bride, what 3 key pieces of advice would you give when looking for The Dress?

Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself. (YES!)

What impact has Corona virus had on your brand and your brides orders?

We asked all our Instagram followers to tell us about their dream wedding and their perfect dress. Lots of brides answered us and I’m doing all the sketches for those brides. The ones that have posponed their wedding, the ones that are getting married next year or even the future brides that don’t have a groom yet...let’s dream for a while. I’ve drawn almost 300 sketches already, so it’s being a very busy designing period. 

What have you personally been doing to keep yourself entertained during the lock down?

I’m always planning new things, keep on writing my book, learning about my reflex camera, reading as much as I can… and, of course, make many sketches!

Thank you Sofia for sharing with us your story! You can check out this amazing brand and their collections here!

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