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As the new norm of life continues and we all are still spending more time at home, there has never been a better period to really focus on owning our skincare regimes. Every season, team Dress Tribe will be reviewing and only featuring the products we have come to discover and love over the last few months. All products have tried and tested, some of which have been newly discovered and some old-time favourites which we have been using for years.

Here's to giving your skin the bridal glow-up it deserves.

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If you have just had laser, micro-needling or any other type of aesthetic treatment done then this product will be your post-treatment best friend. This spray cleanser contains a high level of dexpanthenol that is documented to lock in moisture and gently support the skins natural regeneration process. Its non-rinse formula also makes it great for when skin is too sensitive to be washed.

Vivocin is a medical skincare brand that focuses on delivering products aimed at supporting the natural healing process of your skin when it needs it most. Their Swiss made products include many ingredients that are used in the pharmaceutical wound healing industry. If it's good enough for them, it's most certainly good enough for us.

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This face wash has been a staple in TDT’s skin routine for a while. Approved by numerous dermatologists we have spoken to it is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and does exactly what a face wash should do.

Ridiculously well priced, this range has been created by dermatologists and includes three face wash options. The SA Smoothing Cleanser – for removing excess dirt and oils, The Foaming Cleanser – for those with normal to oily skin and then The Hydrating Cleanser, best suited to those with normal to dry skin and the one we use!

Little TDT tip – double cleanse to ensure all the days oils, pollution, sun screen and make up is really cleaned off.

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We have trialled many, many scrubs over the years and always, always go back to The Body Shop's Vitamin C Microdermabrasion scrub. It creates a micro-dermabrasion effect when exfoliating the face, created by the use of fine micro particles and crushed garnet stones helping remove dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, more radiant complexion. We use this once week and have been doing so for at least five years.

Some Body Shop products that we have tried can be very overly scented, however this one is by no means OTT and again, is another product that is very well priced.

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Yes this comes at a higher price point – but oh my, does it deliver. Investing in a good moisturiser can be often be overlooked which may be fine for some, but can be a real mistake for those prone to problematic skin. Using the wrong moisturiser can clog up your pores leading to all sort of facial messiness (aka pimples and irritations). Enter Dr Barbara Strum Face Cream Light.

This celebrity loved beauty of a moisturiser has been created specifically for those with normal to oily skin living in warmer climates. Making it perfect for summer use. The satin texture leaves the skin glowing and feeling hydrated – never too dewy, and never too matte. And yes, the results are long lasting.

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 The use of a face mask is for many women (and some men) a weekly beauty ritual! Whether lathered on whilst relaxing and binge-watching a new Netflix show or whilst pottering around the house cleaning, it truly is a moment of self-pampering indulgence and one that can leave your skin feeling squeaky clean.

Our favourite (whilst we binge-watch our favourite bridal movies) has to be the cult favourite Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. We highly recommend this for anyone dealing with stubborn blackheads. Suitable for all skin types, this mask rejuvenates skin as the pink clay gel deeply cleanses skin to absorbs toxins. The antioxidant grape mask exfoliates the skin as the papaya extract minimises and tightens pores for a refined, brighter complexion.

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We have been told by numerous dermatologists that investing in a good Vitamin C serum is a must to help your skin fight off pollution whilst working to reduce signs of aging. We have always loved the brand REN for its use of clean ingredients, dedication to sustainability and for being cruelty free and now, we also love their Radiance Perfection Serum. The Vitamin C extracted from corn, helps brighten skin and fight harmful free radicals from pollution whilst the Liquorice Extract helps soothe the skin and the Wild Canadian Rumex helps even skin tone and reduce the visibility of age spots and sun damage.

We have been using this serum daily post face wash, pre moisturiser and have noticed a clear improvement in glow.

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An eye focused serum that cools, tightens and smooths. Enter Dr Levy. This Swiss skincare product features the brand's patented ArganCellActiv® Complex, the world's first cosmeceutical complex proven to activate dermal stem cells in vitro. Whilst this sounds very impressive and fancy on paper, we weren't sure what this meant in real life. We are now happy to report is means cooling and smoothing of the skin.

A few days after first using the product, our skin felt sensitive and red however the brand does confirm that this is normal and simply means the product is working. As with most serums, the product does not provide a strong layer of immediate moisturise to the skin however, with the results delivered so far including clear tightness we are officially fans.

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£55. To purchase contact Dr Surbhi Virmani

A retinol is another product that is worth investing in. With over 30 years of clinically proven results, Obagi Medical Products are one of the most highly rated physician dispensed skin care ranges and the main reason we consistently turn to them when using such a highly potent skincare ingredient to fight the signs of premature ageing.

If you are new to the retinol game or have extremely sensitive skin we absolutely recommend starting with a lower strength retinol and getting advice from a professional practitioner first, such as the wonderful Dr Surbhi Virmani from whom we purchase all our retinol from. The hydrating jojoba oil and shea butter promote firmness and elasticity as vitamins C and E work synergistically to neutralise free radicals. For us, this product has massively improved the overall texture of our skin. So much so, that when it ran out - a few days of not using led to a clear dullness taking over our skin's pre-existing skin glow.

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Whether you are looking for an oil that will heighten your senses through the right blend of essential oils, moisturise your skin without clogging up your pores or to use under your make-up for that extra glow – this is the one.

Dr Jackson’s 03 Everyday Oil is a nourishing blend of 100% natural oils. The ingredients used provide antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity; music to our ears as these work specifically well for acne, eczema or psoriasis prone skin.

We personally adore the life out of this product. Its scent is oh-so-calming which has led to us using it every evening pre bed-time. Our second favourite time to use it is pre-makeup application. It allows products such as foundation and concealer to glide on perfectly and not crease. Purchase their 25mL bottle size for at home usage and their mini 10mL for when you are on the go. This has fast become a beauty and wellness staple for us.


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