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Dana Harel's latest collection


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Soft, feminine, and sexy: Dana Harel’s 2021 collection New Dawn is an ode to love and a celebration of how it emboldens, unites, and empowers us. Far from adopting a homogenous look, this exclusive new collection praises the love that is born out of differences—a message which echoes through each of Harel’s designs in the form of style and technique, with fabrics weaving themselves together to create embellished and harmonic dresses that are sure to make you look your absolute best in your wedding day.


With so many incredible dresses to choose from, here is some of what you can expect from this elegant and highly sophisticated collection:

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A classic mermaid and romantic gown, the Taylor is embroidered with a leaf clovers pattern to add lightness, youth and sense of fresh air. It’s deep V plunging neckline offers a feminine and sensual touch to the dress, making it even more special.

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If you are looking for a modern and highly fashionable gown, the Celeste is the perfect option for you. Dans l’air du temps, the Celeste gown is hand sewed with flower appliques and features detachable puff sleeves, perfectly matching the mood of today’s IT girl.

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The Emery gown gives an illusion of a bohemian two-piece outfit. Made out of a custom-made skirt pattern, puff sleeves and fully hand embroidered with arches and circles, the gown is designed to accentuate the woman’s silhouette. It also features a customisable waistline belt to allow the bride to personalize her unique gown with a sentence, word or symbol that is dear to her heart—a perfect feature if you are looking to make your wedding gown truly one of a kind!

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Perfect for the fashionista bride, the Kaya is the ultimate fashion statement and must-have from this incredible collection! The gown’s unusual puff sleeves with beaded tassels and see through high collar creates a sophisticated regal effect. The spectacular beading is weaved to create the illusion of two becoming one—a repetitive motif throughout the collection!

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If you are looking for an elegant and chic dress with some regal allure, look no further! With a classic fit and an embellishment of pearls, beads, and Swarovski crystals, the Kendall gown is the best choice for brides looking for a glamorous and fancy wedding dress. (Have we also mentioned that the Kendall comes with a sweetheart corset and removable straps?)

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One of Dana Harel’s goals with this collection was to create a goddess look to embolden and empower brides. Using silk hand draped silk tulle, the Harper gown inspires brides to be sexy and glamorous without having to compromise their comfort. The gown features a detachable cape to empower, a wink to the fearless super heroines hidden in all of us—a true statement to women goddesses.

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