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How to achieve the perfect brows

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If you are a lucky enough Dress Tribe reader that doesn’t fall into the category of having over plucked your brows in the late 90’s and early 2000’s a la Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow, then bravo to you. We truly applaud you. But if you do, then welcome to the group, take a seat and a deep sigh of relief as we are here to let you know that yes, there is a way of reversing the damage done.

Brows are important for so many women and men. They shape your face and can have you feeling fierce and polished. Here at The Dress Tribe we are all about finding ways that can make you not only feel your best on your wedding day, but that will also make your days easier as you plan in and around the big day.

Enter Nez Hasan - a woman who in just under two hours will give your brows back the life they deserve and, will make sure that moving forward, you need as little brow maintenance as possible. I mean, just imagine waking up on not only your wedding day - but also everyday of your honeymoon with brows looking naturally on fleek - no need for brow pencils, gel or powder - at all!

The magic of brow micro-treatments

How you may ask?

Many years ago you may have seen the disasters that arose through eyebrow tattooing – this is not that. Nez Hasan is the brow specialist and guru behind some of the world’s best looking brows including Winnie Harlow and Emma Willis through her micro blading, micro shading and powder brows skills, which are all about enhancing your brows rather than covering up your existing brows. 

The different treatments

Micro-blading - 'Microblading is a natural stroke effect semi-permanent form of tattoo. Although the results can differ from person to person, it is a very popular treatment that will give you a new lifted shape and fuller looking brows. It is very defined and strong in the first week or two once healed you will be left with soft stroke effect natural looking brows'.

Micro shading - 'This treatment is carried out using both a blade for the strokes and a 1-point needle for the shading. It is recommended if you have an oily t-zone, and for clients with medium to darker skin tone and clients with very thin or no brow hairs, you must opt for this option.' 

Powder brows - 'Powder brows will give you the subtle day make up look. We achieve this with using a 1 & 3 point needle. The tail of the brow is shaded darker and faded into a light beginning like a soft Ombre make up effect. If your skin is a darker tone then powder brows are highly recommended, especially if you have an oily t-zone, or anyone with medium to thicker brow hair.’

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The real life experience 

TDT arrived at Nez Hasan’s stunning West London salon ready to put it all to the test so that we can give you the best tips on getting brow bride ready. And here is how it all went down for one of our TDT writers;

Pre-treatment: ‘Following an assessment of my skin texture and the colour, texture and shape of my natural brows, Nez suggested that micro-blading would be the best treatment for me to create feather like natural looking brows. She then drew on the shape on my new brows for approval before moving on the main event'

The treatment: ‘Nez could not have made me feel more comfortable and secure as she got working on my brows with her very delicate blade and dye. The application simply felt like small, itchy scratches on my skin. Within 45 minutes we were done!'

Post treatment: ‘Following the treatment your brows will look big, heavy, dark and bold and yes, you will worry! But that is all normal. Within a two weeks your brows will become 50% smaller and lighter and then, your brows will look phenomenal'

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Aftercare: Immediately post treatment, you need to keep your brows dry for ten days and then keep your brows clear of make-up and skin care products as you only use a soft balm Nez provides you with to keep the area feeling calm and nurtured.

Nez recommends returning for a follow-up treatment 4-6 weeks following your initial treatment for her to check your brows and fill in any areas that may need a top up’.

 Not quite ready for the brow master?

If for whatever reason you are not quite ready for the brow master, there are many ways you can nurture and glow-up your brows in other ways. Threading, plucking and waxing are great ways to keep in your brows in good shape whilst make-up tools such as Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Cheat or Glossier's Boy Flick are great ways to fill in any brow gaps you may have for a day or night out.

Prices start from £550 (including top up). To check out Nez's treatments or to book yourself in, head to her website

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