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Bridal Botox - The full low down

An honest chat with Dr. Joshua

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The prospect of being photographed from every angle on your wedding day can be a daunting one and understandably many brides opt for some modern day help or from a little friend called botox. There are so many treatments and gizmos in the modern world aimed at making women look and feel much better but we wanted to get the low down from a professional as to if, when, how and whether its really worth it...

When researching a professional we could speak to, we were stunned as to how many people out there offer botox. How can layman like us make an informed decision? Getting botox or having radical treatments is not to be taken likely, especially given the fact that you are the star of the show and there are no re-makes!

We found Dr. Joshua Van der Aa and immediately knew he was 'the one'- The Harley street doctor treats patients and uses his expertise and aesthetic eye to achieve the most au natural looking results out there.

Read on for the full low down and best recommendation for brides on botox, fillers, rejuvenation and a futuristic, intergalactic sounding machine called Morpheus 8!

The Low Down

So...Dr. Joshua...Lets firstly talk timeline...

"I wouldn't try to sneak in last minute, when you have your wedding date set, get in touch for a consultation around 8 months in advance of the big day. We can then give you guidance based on your specific needs and we can ensure all your treatments have time to settle before the big day. I don't treat any one 6 weeks before their wedding day and I would really advise against this. Any filler treatment would take at least 4 weeks until it's fully settled."

What kind of treatments would you suggest for brides looking for a bit of youthful refreshment?

"Luckily, that's my area of expertise, I go for treatments that fly under the radar. I cant think of any thing worse than a bride looking 'done' in her wedding photos. I ask my brides to bring photos of which appearance they felt best at, be it a fuller, plumper lip or just a more youthful complexion. Looking refreshed is usually in the eyes, it might not just be crows feet but it could also be tear crofts or drooping eye-lids or hollow temples.

Advice for botox virgin's?

"If you are little hesitant then my advice would be to start early and start slowly, it's a marathon not a sprint!

What's your advice on finding a good practitioner?

It's really up to patients to do their due diligence, find someone that has a decent library of before and after pictures, check out their social media and make sure you feel comfortable with what they are showing you. If you're looking for something a little glam and over the top and their photos demonstrate that then great but if you want something more understated, equally ensure your practitioner is demonstrating before and after images of exactly that. Reviews are also a great way of checking that a practitioner is seeing patients consistently so be sure to check these out. Many beauticians can administer botox but BEWARE since they do not have patient-practitioner insurance should something go wrong. Equally if you were to have an adverse reaction and need medical treatment, you will not be in the same hands as a doctor who can give you the medical treatment you may urgently need".

What can you do if botox goes wrong?

Unfortunately, there is no antidote or quick fix should botox go wrong. A lot of people I see in my clinic are people that feel they cant go back to the person that administered the botox in the first place so I see a lot of people for correction. The confidence to see the same person may have understandably gone. Botox is a neurotoxin that works from 3 - 6 months depending on the patient and depending on the concentration".

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Results of the Morpheus 8...It acts as technologically advanced as it sounds. One of the newest kids on the block in terms of modern technology, designed at tightening of the skin, a veritable "lift without surgery". It uses both the needles and radiofrequency energy to improve skin quality, thickness and slightly tighten excess skin, which in turn improves the contour of the face and body. It has micro needles penetrating deep into the skin and fat morphing the ageing face into a more desired smooth and sleek appearance, for all skin tones.

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At TDT HQ, we are firm believers of doing what makes you happy, be it going au natural or even going under the knife, but we do want everyone to make informed decisions based on research you've conducted so you can come to your own, informed conclusion.

Thanks for giving us the low down Dr. Joshua!

To check out Dr. Joshua's treatments or to book a consultation, head to his website

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