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Best at home gadgets for beautiful skin

6 best tools REVIEWED

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What better time to work on grooming and perfect skin than a lockdown! Aside from eating properly and cutting down on the bad skin food/drink (why seems pretty difficult at the mo!), there are some products on the market that claim to revolutionarize your skin with the help of the latest technology. Whether you’re looking to sculpt, plump, reduce fine lines, brighten or minimise pesky pimples, we did some research on gizmos on the market that claim to do one or more of above.

Using your hands for skincare is so 2019

Beauty has well and truly entered a brave new world where the best beauty gadgets are so high-tech, they have changed the way we use and apply our products.

Beauty gadgets can now buzz, vibrate and oscillate, so that your cleansing, detoxifying and firming regime is improved to greater and more effective heights.

In the same way that you hit the gym to beat stress and strengthen your muscles, you can now give your skin the same treatment with the best beauty gadgets that have completely revolutionised our skincare routines.

Here are some products we have reviewed in lockdown...bring on that supermodel skin!

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ZIIP OX (€490)

“Electrical esthetician” Melanie Simon had been looking for a way to bring her famous nanocurrent facials to the home market for years, and cracked it with ZIIP in 2015. This is for the dedicated but definitely worth it.

The device has four different treatments ranging from acne-busting to specific anti-aging to eye treatment, varying from two to 12 minutes in length. Download the app and let’s get to it.

Simon states that “Our primary goal—using electrical currents to optimize skin function—remains the same. It’s really about working with the body to initiate repair, using the same electrical signals that are already there.” Pretty cool!

So how does it work? Firstly you have to slather your skin in one of ZIIP’s conductor gels – gold is for firming and anti-aging while silver is for hydration and moisturising. After sending your treatment to ZIIP via bluetooth, Melanie herself will personally guide you through the treatment via a video tutorial – a nice touch. Varying these treatments two to three times a week is recommended for optimum results.

The treatment is essentially tiny electrical currents that are passed through the device and penetrate the skin – it’s like taking your facial muscles to the gym.

Over quite a short period of time, my face looked well rested (finally!) and generally back-to-life, with a little lift. If you want a tool that does several things cleverly and with no compromises, this is the go-to for you. Having a ZIIP is like having your own personal facialist, right at your fingertips.

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TT Amazing Skin at Home (€400 or €330 without online consultation):

Skin expert and facialist Teresa Tarmey counts supermodels and A-list actresses amongst her clientele, who leave her London atelier with radiant complexions raving about her magic hands. Tarmey has created a line of products, one of which is coined the 'facial in a box' which includes a 12 step at home programme complete with an online consultation with Teresa Tarmey herself when you buy the TT At-home-Microneedling kit online.

If you're wondering what Microneedling is, The idea behind microneedling is to create speck-sized punctures in your skin. The healing process of these punctures promotes the production of collagen, reduces fine lines, and helps your skin absorb products effectively.

Step one is to apply the light exfoliating toner on the skin. Then you use the micro-needling tool with a peptide solution. Also included are ‘shots’ of top-grade, ultra-hydrating hylauronic acid, which you apply via a reusable silicone mask a couple of days after each dermaroller session, when your skin is likely to feel a little dry. The results are nothing short of brilliant – especially if you do this at-home treatment every week or so, and there’s enough product for an intensive 12-week programme (road to that A-list skin we think!)

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NuFace Mini Powerlift (€190)

This little spaceship looking device is dubbed by those in the know as better than botox. The gadget is a petite microcurrent facial toning device that helps improve facial contour, tone, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The device works by delivering low-level micro current-technology painlessly with an instant lift. Think of going to the gym for your face. The sensation when using it is a gentle, zingy feeling — my not-so-technical term — and occasionally as the current is applied near the nerve attached to the muscle, it will jump a little and this sensation feels like its really working!

It emits extremely low-voltage electrical currents that mirror your body’s own natural currents, stimulating collagen and elastin production and repairing skin. After a week I noticed more radiant, youthful skin with dare I say it, less defined wrinkles!

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Kat Burki Microfirming wand (€100)

Kat Burki’s skin care is decidedly straightforward. There’s a lot of technology, a lot of potent ingredients, the oils are cold-pressed, and, as Burki will tell you herself, she’s very proud of the fact that there’s no fillers—including water—in the formulas.

The primary use for this little device is to deliver active anti-ageing nutrients deeper into the skin via gentle vibration and iontophoresis (basically an electrical current sending ionic compounds into the skin). This allows the youth promoting ingredients to bind itself to collagen and elastin at its natural origin. Fine lines are substantially smoother and skin plumper in just one use, and it works a treat around the eyes with eye cream, too.

The coolest actually stops vibrating when once whatever product you’re applying is completely absorbed, so your face or fingers no longer have to do the guesswork.

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Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite Faceware Pro (€495)

This tron looking mask is for women that have acne prone skin as well as for those seeking to combat the look of lines, wrinkles and blemishes...needed we know more! The Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite™ Faceware Pro is a medical-grade facial mask that harnesses gentle bursts of red and blue LED light therapy. When used for just three minutes at a time, the mask contributes towards a clearer and calmer complexion.

This mask stimulates natural cell production and restoration, helping to even skin tone and texture while diminishing discoloration caused by environmental aggressors and the natural aging process. Red LED lights support the skin’s natural elastin and collagen for firmer, plumper skin. Blue LED lights tackle the bacteria that can cause acne and breakouts.

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Foreo UFO (€255)

With sonic pulsations, LED light therapy, onboard heating and a plush microfiber masks steeped in vitamins, nutrients and premium plant extracts, the UFO provides the ultimate facial two minutes or less.

I tested the UFO the morning after a few too many wines, I woke up red, puffy, and pretty dehydrated and knew it was the perfect time to put the device to the test. After downloading the app, which guides you through the process, you can start gliding the device across your skin in circular motions until the 90 seconds is up. I was suprised about the instant results this little gizmo produced and definitely reduced if not eliminated the 'lockdown look'.

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